Louis Vuitton’s Ostrich Shop Window

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On July 10, 2012
Last modified:July 10, 2012


Louis Vuitton is one of the brands that know the importance of creativity in every aspect of their work. The Louis Vuitton Shop Windows are already famous for their unconventional, stylish and artistic look that can be a great source of inspiration, so let’s take a look at one of the most interesting of their store displays, featuring ostrich eggs. As a mix of art, design, fashion and marketing, shop windows catch all the attention and look stunning.



Faye McLeod, the Creative Director for Louis Vuitton, is behind all of them and her genius is fully realized every time you pass the stores’s window displays. The Ostrich Shop Window is one of the most creative and inspirational window designs from Louis Vuitton. The concept features a number of ostrich eggs, and a new egg hatches every few days to reveal a new pair of shoes, a watch or other accessories. I love the whole concept of „hatching” fashion and luxury pieces, it highlights the idea that every piece is unique and special. The Shop display features a decadent, luxurious, stylish and extravagant look. Every single detail has it’s own place and creates a unique ensemble that can be admired by both art lovers and fashion addicts. Check out the link for more pictures and information about the Louis Vuitton ostrich window display.

  1. Posted on December 24, 2012 by decodat

    wow, great idea, thank u..

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