Mikhail Belyaev’s Lampbrella

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On July 18, 2012
Last modified:July 18, 2012


For all those time when you hated you forgot your umbrella at home, here is a nice idea put into practice by Mikhail Belyaev. It happens all the time and I think all of us happen at least one time to be caught in the rain. A bus shelter, a small shop, a local shop, well, these were the typical places to hide from rain. But let’s forget all of these, because now Lampbrella is the new thing in town. Lampbrella is a street lamp and also a rain shelter.  Discover a lamp post which will have rain-sensing umbrella so that it does not stay open at all times.



When the rain starts, find a lamp with umbrella and hide yourself. This could be so romantic! “Lampbrella not only has a rain sensor but also is fitted with a 360 degree motion sensor on the fiberglass street lamp. This detects whether Lampbrella is being used to hide from the rain or for any other purpose. For three minutes, the canopy closes down if not used. ”  In the end, I found out that this is just a project but hope to see more of these soon, on the street. Congrats for the useful idea! Via here.

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