“No more dirt” rug by Paionia Furyokuki


Well, this is a nice inspiring idea to never ask your friends and guests to leave their shoes when entering a room in your house. Lovely idea that is so easy in fact. Interestingly, you wouldn’t have to clean the mat every time someone steps on it like the regular doormats. Instead, it sucks in the dirt and the mat never gets dirty. If they are too lazy to brush off your shoes, here is this amazing mat that was developed by Paionia Furyokuki.



This mat sucks all the dirt due to the fact that its holes and perforations are specially conceived to absorb all the dirt there is. The mat measures 50 cm wide and 1 m long and the video below shows four same-sized mats that have been used side by side. The mechanism behind this is not very complicated: the system consists of the mat, the cleaner, the hose, front and back slopes, and a sensor. Via here.


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