Recycled paper art by Julie Dodd

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On July 12, 2012
Last modified:July 12, 2012


Julie Dodd uses recycled paper to create some unique and wonderful art pieces and installations. Her work focuses on environmental issues by imitating natural patterns and textures, highlighting the beauty of nature. Julie Dodd is a young artist that graduated from Wirral Metropolitan College with a first class BA honors degree in fine arts in 2009. The inspirational art of Julie Dodd features recycled books and magazines, that give a new Eco meaning to her sculptures and installations. The artworks are mostly based on patterns, textures and repetitions inspired by shapes found in nature. One of the most impressing paper installations by Julie Dodd is „Inner Beauty”, a response to the shallow way beauty is viewed these days. The art pieces are inspired by microscopic images and patterns from inside human body, considering that „it’s what’s inside that counts”. The artworks give a new meaning to beauty, and force us to think beyond the common stereotypes that involve physical beauty.

I love this kind of organic art that focuses on the beauty of the human body viewed from a totally different perspective. Julie Dodd managed to create an unique art form, taking recycled and Eco art a step forwards by giving her installations a deeper meaning with a strong concept. You can find out more about Julie Dodd from her website.

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