Steampunk motorcycles by Solifague Design

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On July 10, 2012
Last modified:July 10, 2012


Steampunk Motorcycles are a creative form of concept design, inspired by the 1920’s racing crafts, the Harley Davidson classic choppers, the surrealism, the futuristic motorcycles or the Victorian teh. Steampunk is an inspirational art form, born in the late 1980’s, that incorporates elements of fantasy, science and alternate history, that often represents fictional machines or characters. The art works often feature technology or futuristic innovations based on a Victorian perspective of fashion, culture, architectural style, and art. Some of the most interesting fictional machines that represent the steampunk art are the custom motorcycle concepts, or steampunk motorcycle. These art designs by Solifague Design are a great example of steampunk art, giving a unique perspective of the genre and illustrating some of the most interesting motorcycle designs I have ever seen. Even if they are not going to be in production any time soon, they are still great to look at and give stunning details. The creative concepts are custom built by Solifague Design, these Steampunk motorcycle concepts capture every element of Steampunk and look amazing. The designer behind the Solifague Design brand, Mikhail Smolyanov from Moscow, shows an extraordinary level of style and imagination. See the link for more steampunk designs, motorcycles, trikes and car concepts made by Mikhail Smolyanov.



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