The art of Sougwen Chung

Sougwen Chung is a Canadian-born, Chinese-raised, and Brooklyn-based artist. I am very impressed by her works that has been featured in The New Yorker, Dazed and Confused, Big Up Magazine and numerous other print and online publications. Her art is at the beginning very abastract but as soon as you get to know it and go deeper, it seems that you know all her secrets since ever. “You begin to recognize certain feelings you thought you’d forgotten, certain sounds you’ve always wanted to hear, and certain images you so deeply kept in your memory.” (Big Up Magazine, B&W Issue 2012)” The artist experiment in different mediums like print, digital and environmental mediums and as you can see she does marvelous job in any of these. The following images ( Études: the themes of Bloom, High Tide, Cocoon, and Flight )  are some studies regarding the shape and memory. Interesting textures, dark colors, incredible details – all of these are meant to take you in another world. Sougwen Chung has produced work for commercial clients such as Nike, Chanel, Shiseido, Jagermeister, Tom Waits, and American Express. Via here and here.


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