The Plugbook project by Dave Hakkens

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On July 14, 2012
Last modified:July 14, 2012


Dave Hakkens is a young designer of 23 y.o. I am sure you already know the guy, due to the fact that I wrote some posts about him before. Remember the dust ball, the edible pen made from candies or the single serve soap? Yes, they are truly unique and fresh ideas. Dave is a student at the Design Academy, in Netherlands. Today he came with another creative idea: the Plugbook. For all those who had enough of multiple cables all around the house, here is a great invention. The Plugbookis an extension cord, multiple socket shaped like a book so it’s always in the middle of your living room.



The Plugbook will bring a dose of elegance in your house being in the same time such an ingenious project. It looks so cool:) But let’s see what Dave confesses about the project “My goal was to create a little extension cord to use for small in-house jobs. Like charging your laptop, drilling a hole, connecting a lamp etc. I wanted it to be just there, in the middle of your living room without being obstructive and with a good working cable. If you need it, you now where it is and you can just take it, without a hustle.” The Plugbook looks like a book and it can be easily hidden among your other books. Simple as that! When you need it, all you have to do is to pull the 3 meters cord. An extra power socket and 2 USB ports were added to easily charge your iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, Camera and many other devices. When you don;t need the device anymore, you simply press the button and the cord automatically rewinds itself (like in a vacuum cleaner). You can use your Plugbook in your household: to power your electronics, work in the house or for charging your small devices. In order to bring this idea to life, Dave collaborated with Designcord, a Dutch company specialized in plugs, sockets and specially auto-rewind cables. Interested in having one of this on white, black or any custom color? See more about here.

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