Vanessa Gade’s contemporary jewelry

Vanessa Gade’s jewelry makes a contemporary statement balanced with timeless style. Vanessa is a San Francisco based contemporary metal smith and designer that works in sterling silver,  gold, oxidized silver and rose gold as you can see in the images. Her collections : Inner circle, Wright angle, Petal and her latest Forme collection – have architectural qualities. Stylish shapes, refinement, grace, fluidity and feminine shapes are what characterize her collections. She describes her work as contemporary, with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic reminiscent of Japanese and Scandinavian design.

Particular pieces have been inspired by everything from art deco architecture, ikebana flower arrangements, suspension bridges and even criss crossing power lines. Perfect shapes are combined with asymmetrical ones,  silver with gold and positive with negative spaces.  The artist confesses that she was fascinated by the tools, stones, and molten metal while studying to become a historian at the University of California, San Diego. As about her last collection, Forme ( meaning “shape”), strong geometric shapes, symmetrical circles, elongated rectangles and asymmetrical polyhedrons inspired Vanessa to create such a balanced line. Hope you will feel inspired by the artist and run to her site, to see all her works here. For her creative universe and inspirational starting points, here is a collection of what she appreciates most: discover her inspirational blog here.

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