African tribal patterns on textiles

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On August 10, 2012
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Tribal textiles is located in South Luangwa, Zambia and produces handmade painted textiles with African tribal patterns. The amazing textiles mix traditional African art with contemporary designs, drawing inspiration from the wildlife and surroundings in South Luangwa, and each piece is hand painted by local Zambian men and women. I like African tribal patterns, the geometrical simplicity and the amazing colors are always inspiring and uplifting. I love the way these textiles combine the African tribal patterns with a twist of contemporary design, in order to get a beautiful result. The textiles look amazing and glow with vivid colors and original designs. Their originality and beauty is enhanced by the fact that the textiles are actually made by local African artists, so they are not just inspired by the traditional tribal patterns, they are the tradition itself. The company also managed to help the locals to be employed and have a job in an area that is known for high unemployment. Gillie Lightfoot, the Director and Owner of Tribal Textiles started the business more then 20 years ago, and was confident it could get bigger, sharing the amazing tribal art across the world. The company grew from a small group of local artists to an international business employing over 100 local people. The impressing African patterns can inspire every artist’s style and creativity. Find out more about the tribal African patterns painted on textiles from the Tribal Textiles site here.

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