Bloom by Alisa Andrasek and Jose Sanchez

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On August 23, 2012
Last modified:August 23, 2012


Bloom is an interactive installation created for the London Olympics. The installation is designed and developed by Alisa Andrasek and Jose Sanchez representing The Bartlett school of Architecture. Each component is composed of 100 percent recyclable PET plastic, and participants are encouraged to create the art installation themselves. Bloom is an art work based on a mode of assembly, disassemble and re-usability of the components that challenges the notions of traditional construction. The amazing things that the lifespan of the project is undetermined as it allows it to adapt and reappear in many different places and occasions. Designed in neon pink, the color of the Olympics, Bloom can be considered an urban toy, a social game and collective experience that seeks the engagement and creativity of people in order to construct it. It works using the same principles as some social media platforms, but it exists out in the open, not online. People are able to add the pieces to the initial pavilion to alter its form as well as start seeding different formations. The collective act of coming to one place and building something together becomes an interesting and engaging activity. By putting thousands of pieces together the Bloom garden emerges. The final piece is a collective act of imagination that resembles to a amazing flower. During the Olympics, Bloom was installed at Victoria Park and UCL campus, and migrated to Trafalgar Square for the duration of Paralympics. Check out the Bloom official website here to find out how the project evolved.



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