Lilach Lotan’s ceramic design

Lilach Lotan is a famous ceramic artist and designer from British Columbia, Canada. Her ceramic pieces are made of porcelain with a semi-matte white glaze. The creative ceramics appeal to modern homes and can be great decorative objects. The artist explains her designs go beyond creating solutions for specific problems of function and esthetics. She aims to create an environment, a mood, and to evoke emotions. Each of Lilach’s designs evoke an idea, conveyed by shape, form, and contour. The only shades the objects have are those produced by the objects themselves: The object reveals itself by light and shadow, by the presence and absence of the ceramic material, both equally important. Her ceramic designs look amazing, the textures and shapes come to life in pure white or black shades. Some of the designs look like conventional plates or tea pots up to one point where an unconventional and unusual element is added, like a zipper or a button-like shape. The art works have a certain surrealist look because of the juxtaposition of different kind of shapes and ideas. Check out the amazing work Lilach Lotan of at her site here.



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