Contemporary Jewelry by Patricia Gallucci

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On August 27, 2012
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Patricia Gallucci creates contemporary jewelry inspired by textures from nature. Immersed in a dreamy, delicate, subtle and romantic world, she tries to find a part of herself in each piece of jewelry. She draws inspiration from nature, from the beauty, simplicity and harmony of the organic shapes. Her contemporary jewelry looks amazing and unique, adding style and complexity to any outfit. I love the stylish combinations of textures and shapes, colors and materials. For Patricia Gallucci contemporary jewelry is a place for experimentation and individual expression. She manages to translate ideas and to find the language in each material.



Her jewelry has successfully transgressed from the commercial beauty to the artistic beauty. She enjoys looking for new materials and technologies and then transform them into delicate and beautiful pieces. She creates jewelry using materials of all kinds, from natural backgrounds as stones, metals, wood, furs, to resins, plastics and rubbers. A piece of fine contemporary jewelry such as an engagement ring or wedding band may be a jewelry that you will treasure for your lifetime and possibly pass on to future generations. Jewelry can be one of the most important cultural expression of our time and has over the years become an important reference point in the artistic field. If you enjoy contemporary jewelry, take a look at Patricia Gallucci’s Etsy Store and enjoy her amazing, vivid and sensitive works of art.

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