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On August 9, 2012
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Handmade crochet accessories are adorable, and look amazingly stylish. Here is a great idea that combines the beauty of crochet accessories and the utility of a fast and natural snack. Hollie Tinworth, from Sidney, Australia, is the author of this amazing project of handmade crocheted accessories. Currently studying a Bachelor of Design at the College of Fine Arts (UNSW), Hollie’s major artistic influences have developed from the work and design philosophies of the Arts and Crafts movement and decorative arts movement. We all know that healthy snacking is beneficial to any diet, and the ubi-snack advices young people to come back to nature, beginning with healthy snacking. The wearable and street applications filed with snacks are like a breath of fresh air in the concrete world of the city. The ubi-snack provides a small amount of natural snack, a fruit or vegetable (you can choose cherry tomatoes, strawberries or grapes). The accessories and jewelries are made of 100 % natural cotton, featuring funny bags that can be filled with healthy snacks. The funny and unusual design can create a buzz associated with healthy eating, so that the ubi-snack can become a new trend in fashion and lifestyle. The natural cotton crocheted in wearable and street applications also encourage and support healthy snacking behaviors. Love the way this accessories can be funny, useful and healthy at the same time. To find out more about the ubi-snack project or Hollie Tinworth’s art just check out her profile on Behance here, or check out the artist’s site here.

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