Experiment jewelry by Yong Joo Kim

This incredible collection is entitled Sublime Experiment, by Yong Joo Kim. The amazing artist takes everyday, non-traditional materials and creates pieces that are simply stunning. She is able to turn anything into art, and materials like Velcro and cable ties become works of art and stunning jewelry. A native of Seoul, Korea, Yong Joo is a Niche award winning artist who explores the phenomena through which beauty emerges. She investigates both conscious and sub-conscious modes of creating beauty. She explores the value of mundane objects and discovers the hidden beauty of them, and the hidden beauty of the person that wears them. She found a unique way to create relationships between inside and outside, between jewelry and the human body.



Her work introduces unconventional uses for familiar materials. She composes, recomposes and decomposes the materials in order to create something beautiful. The materials seem so familiar, yet you can hardly recognize them inside this art works. By assembling them, the simple elements become complex, and give rise to the unexpected. Jewelry like earrings, rings, brooches and bracelets consisting of trivial and commonplace materials can reveal the beauty of the human body. The Sublime Experiment collection seeks the value and a reinterpretation of the meaning of beauty, and it convinced me to reevaluate what I consider beautiful. I love the unusual jewelry pieces and the amazing idea behind the art works. You can see more amazing art works by Yong Joo Kim here.

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