Kit Lane’s felt designs



Kit Lane is a non-traditional felt design artist, that creates funny and unconventional characters made of wool. Her amazing creatures are made with felt, along with other materials like buttons and animal bones. Some of her works even managed to create an entire ecosystems made by wool, with their own, specific flora and fauna. She started her career creating 3D virtual environments for corporations, education and entertainment. She started to create the felt creatures desiring to make things that people can touch and feel. The creatures are so funny and unconventional, and they all have their own story and their own character. The little creatures and worlds of wonder are adorable, fascinating, and weird. The artist created an entire story around each and every little creature, so she made more then just some imaginary animals made of felt. She created an entire universe whit it’s own rules. The creatures look adorable and the way some of them carry around a little bunny-like creature reminds us of childhood and makes us smile. The little animals are made of 100% natural wool and beads, buttons or glass eyes, and they are all quite tightly needle felted. Some of the characters, like Jabba for instance where inspired by the Star Wars series. The creatures can be great toys, I’m sure kids love them, or they can be great decorative objects. Find out more about the felt characters and their stories of Kit Lane on the artist’s Behance profile.


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