Furniture artist John Galvin

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On August 15, 2012
Last modified:August 15, 2012


The furniture artist John Galvin designs innovative design creations and quality craftsmanship. Some of his activities include: the manufacture and design of bespoke furniture, and the manufacture, design and installation of exhibition spaces. Originally from Ireland, John always had a passion for design. He specializes in the application of traditional cabinet making methods to design unique pieces of bespoke furniture. Craftsman and furniture artist John Galvin brings with him over ten years of experience in the design field. He has a unique way of using wood, both innovative and inspiring. The beautiful furniture pieces are handmade with great care and attention; it is obvious that for the designer every small detail counts and nothing is left to chance.



The wood looks amazing and the texture is used to create a great visual effect. The use of wood creates a beautiful, warm atmosphere, and the combination of white and wood is both ingenuous, classical and stylish. It is clearly evident in his production of beautiful furniture pieces that they will stand the test of time. The designs are minimalist and simple, but the use of textures and different wood colors gives a unique twist to his furniture pieces. Natural colors in wooden design are making a comeback, and the elegant shapes make the textures and delicate shades stand out. Check out some amazing works and furniture pieces on John Galvin’s site here.

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