Japanese packaging design by Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto Fukasawa is a Japanese industrial designer that created these amazing and iconic juice packaging designs. He pushes Japanese package design a step forward by illustrating exactly the content of the package. Designer Naoto Fukasawa developed a totally unique packaging on fruit beverages product. It’s a simple but clever idea, very creative and unusual for the package design market. The designs look amazing, they are both realistic and impressive. Fonts, logos and brands are completley erased from this design, so that the customer’s attention is driven exclusively towards the fruit’s design and color.



The banana, strawberry or kiwi labels are so realistic you just want to take a bite, despite the package shape that is classical. The banana package is so realistic it even has the characteristic blue label for banana on the side. Wile most commercial billboards, logos or packages try to send a complicated message and you can easily find commercials that make you forget what the product actually is, the Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa managed to keep it simple, relevant and amazingly clever at the same time. His package designs are iconic, and even if the actual production of packaging like this would likely be too costly, we believe other industrial designers could learn a lot from the public response to this packaging. After appearing at a 2008 arts and design show in Scotland, the fruit juice packages have received enthusiastic praise from around the world.

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