Joji Kojima’s unusual jewelry designs

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On August 15, 2012
Last modified:August 15, 2012


The Californian artist Joji Kojima makes accessories from the age of 15. His designs are creative and provocative, breaking all rules and establishing new ones. The young jewelry designer worked with Lady Gaga, contributing his sculptural works to one of her album. Kojima became a fashion sensation when Lady Gaga wore his chain mail mask on the cover of her “Fame Monster” album. The expressionism in each piece of jewelry amazes and inspires in the same time. The most thought-provoking pieces are his rings. The rings in Kojima’s fall 2012 collection, Utopia, are reincarnated as various animals like elephant, flamingo, horse or lizard. The rings have a great doze of sensuality and style, some amazing works of art exploiting both surrealism and expressionism. Joji Kojima uses multiple unconventional materials for his jewelry design, such as metals, bones and even feathers to express a tribal side of classy fashion accessories.



The jewelry, masks and sculptural works are really wearable but still unusual. The jewelry designs combine the macabre, the fetishism and the glamor, but their surrealist and delicate beauty distinguishes them from the genre. At present, he designs mostly jewelry, but he also uses other ways to express his esthetics and designs, working as a producer and art director. He is one of the most promising jewelry designers out there, and all his contemporary creations are regarded as works of art. Check his site here for more information, pictures and news about the artist and his work.


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