Leather Jewelry by Tanya Igic

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On August 15, 2012
Last modified:August 15, 2012


Tanya Igic is an artist that creates contemporary leather jewelry with a very unique and individual technique. Her highly innovative collection of jewelry is exclusively handmade. Working with the finest quality delicate leather, Tanya amalgamates an unusual technique with sterling silver to create the exquisite effect you see throughout the collection. She creates a wide range of elegant necklaces, earrings, bracelets and brooches as well as wedding accessories which incorporates tiaras, side combs, hair bands, hair slides and corsages, available in different colors. The wedding collection is elegant and exquisite in the same time, it seems like the perfect choice for any bride. Unlike conventional leather jewelry, Tanya Igic’s accessories are delicate and minimalist due to the fine leather and the layered technique used to manufacture them.



Her technique is unusual and involves a complex design and manufacture process. After selecting the best leather type and color, Tanya cuts and seals together up to eleven layers, to form the needed shape, then the layered shape is cut into thin slices. Each piece is extremely labor intensive but the effect is truly exquisite. I especially like the flower-inspired jewelry, the details are amazing and the designs look great. Leather jewelry are great accessories and will not pass unnoticed. Check out the designer’s site here for more information or pictures with amazing leather jewelry.

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