LEGO birds by Thomas Poulsom

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On August 25, 2012
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Thomas Poulsom is a big lover of birds and he also loves LEGO. That’s why he created the LEGO Birds series, with some of the most popular bird species. He enjoys matching the different colors of the birds feathers to bricks and making many versions of feathered friends. His plan is to build a series of birds for each continent of the world, and that way everybody can have the chance to own their favorite native bird in LEGO form. Thomas Poulsom is a Bristol-based avid LEGO builder with an affinity for birds. His passion for birds has merged with his enthusiasm for the toy building blocks to produce a series of popular birds found in Britain, constructed entirely out of LEGO pieces. The detailed “birds” were very well designed, and made with close attention to shape, color, and size. Who says that playing with Lego is just for kids? After seeing the lovely British Bird Series by Thomas Poulsom, you should know that letting your creativity flow is one of the healthiest and most beautiful things you can do, even if it seems just a game. Even if LEGO seem just a game, Thomas Poulsom  takes his job seriously and loves to create all kinds of birds with colored bricks. Each of the birds have a story and they are incredible well made. Check out his LEGO birds at Thomas Poulsom’s Flickr and if you liked them support him to register these British birds and to get them made an official LEGO product.

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