LEGO used to create the map of Japan

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On August 23, 2012
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An amazing installation was created to celebrate the 50’s anniversary of the iconic LEGO building blocks being introduced into Japan: an imaginary map of Japan made out of LEGO. The brand sponsored a cross-country workshop in order to create the amazing structure, in which over 5000 people in 6 different regions collaborated to create a gigantic map of Japan. The pieces that were assembled at each individual site and then they traveled to Tokyo, where they were put on display for one great LEGO map. The Build Up Japan event’s hosts encouraged kids to picture what they want Japan to look like, and to create imaginary structures using their creativity; after all, the future of Japan is in their hands. The children look very excited to participate at the project, they love LEGO and it was all a game for them. The resulted map of Japan looks amazing, reminds me of some medieval castles. The high and thin skyscrapers are almost like a texture if seen from the distance. But when you come closet o the map, you can see all the amazing details that children imagined and created. Detailed, fascinating and creative, the map is by far one of the most impressing works made out of LEGO I have ever seen. Many more photos on their Facebook page here. The great thing about LEGO is that even grown ups can play, creating beautiful and inspiring works. Check out more impressive art works and creations made out of Lego on our inspiration website.

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