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On August 17, 2012
Last modified:August 17, 2012


The amazing light painting photography made by Janne Parviainen got my attention because of the unique perspective and interesting technique. The light paintings are unusual and creative, discovering a new world of light, reminding me of the Matrix and it’s imagery. The photographic light painting is a technique that resembles 3D topographical maps.



Exposure times is long, it can take over 30 minutes, and meanwhile the artist carefully moves through the room with a light source, tracing surfaces and objects or drawing new ones. In light painting photography different kind of light sources are used to do the actual „painting” during long exposure times. The light painting can be done with flash lights, light toys or tools especially engineered for light painting. The artists do not use any post production editing programs, all the effects are obtained durring the exposure time. In light painting each second counts, and images are made by movement. The lightning traces the rooms, interiors and human bodies, making you feel like you just learned to see once again. By adding light to the pictures from within, the artist can also reveal or hide details, figures and images. Here is how the artist describes his technique: “What interests me most in light painting is the ability to draw in three dimensional space and the possibility to alter the reality without post processing programs. I like to use in my photos different kind of figures.” Here are some more images and details about the artist and his work.

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