Melbourne based fashion designer Alexi Freeman

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On August 20, 2012
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Melbourne based fashion designer Alexi Freeman has a background in print design and sculpture, and the artistic experience is clearly reflected in his fashion work. Alexi Freeman was born in Hobart, Australia. He graduated the Fine Art at the University of Tasmania, majoring in printmaking and sculpture. Freeman’s art practice heavily referenced fashion design concepts and esthetics, producing limited edition prints and garments. Currently based in Melbourne, his fashion collections for women incorporate elements of hand drawn & printed textiles worked into drape and juxtaposed with tailoring. Freeman has completed 12 seasons of ready-to-wear collections. His works are graphical and symbolic, transcending the world of art.



His newest collection is a mix of techniques that focuses on the importance of texture and color. The amazing collection is all about graphic textures and bright orange. Palm tree inspired graphics are all around his collection, a great choice for spring and summer. The designs are about summer, vacations, ocean, palm trees and bold, vivid fashion designs. The palm leaf motif can be likened to tribal tattoos or a more fractured form of Rorschach-style inkblots. Black and white are now joined by a vibrant neon orange and a range of metallic. The spring summer collection for 12/13 features shoes made in collaboration with Preston Zly, and also hero pieces and jewelry made in collaboration with Tessa Blazey. Take a look at his amazing fashion designs on the artist’s site here and prepare to be amazed by the creativity and the concepts illustrated in the art works.

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