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On August 9, 2012
Last modified:August 9, 2012


Milo Manara is an Italian comic book writer and artist, best known for his erotic approach to the medium. Considered one of the greatest erotic illustrators alive today, Milo Manara is a great influence for lots of illustrators and fashion designers arround the world. His erotic illustrations have style and personality, being able to create an atmosphere that is specific to Manra’s work. Manara made his comics debut in 1969 drawing for Genius, and has ben working and developing his style ever since. He has become famous for producing comics that revolve around elegant, beautiful women caught up in unlikely and fantastical erotic scenarios. Manara’s production explores erotic comics themes with an artistic expression in a manner considered unique. The details are amazing and the style stand out as an amazing form of expression. With simple and accurate lines Milo Manara creates a universe of erotic and sensual perception. Manara’s work is characterized by a playful approach to sex and erotics, women are characterized by a unique sensuality and charisma.



While some of the scenes can be considered quite graphic, they never cross the line into pornography, managing to be erotic and sexy without being obscene. Manara is still active and drawing in Italy. Check out his biography as well as some amazing erotic illustrations by Milo Manara at his official site here.

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