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On August 20, 2012
Last modified:August 20, 2012


After 3 weeks of studying with my friend, Gary Tu, from Taiwan, here is the result. We studied the human portrait in watercolor, we did a lot of illustrations. We started with the study of nature, then learned some basics of Chinese calligraphy with a horse hair brush. I learned how to prepare my special skin pink – made from orange, purple, a touch of blue and a touch of green and here it is, my latest fashion illustration. After the landscape compositions ( done in watercolors or just in pencils or ink), we studied David Downton‘s drawings, take a look at Gruau’s illustrations, Sargent, Klimt and looking through history of art books. Gary thought me some Chinese shufa and I was so amazed to discover its levels: classic shufa, water shufa, crazy and super crazy level – the last one is just art. I found something about shufa from here: ” To understand traditional Chinese art, LaoZhu says, we need look at its defining form: shufa, or writing art. Shufa is what we call calligraphy, from the Greek for “beautiful writing.” But the term isn’t quite right. “Chinese calligraphy isn’t about beauty,” LaoZhu points out. “Sometimes it’s angry.” Hope you will have the time to discover that great site because it explains everything related to Chinese art and in the meantime, please enjoy all my fashion sketches and illustrations, here on my Etsy shop.



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