Paper jewelry by Devi Chand

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On August 14, 2012
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Devi Chand is an artisan from India that owns the Hippie Kingdom Etsy store. She mostly creates recycled paper jewelry. As an Eco-artist, she always wants to find new and creative ways to reuse things that someone else might call trash. Each jewelry defines a style and can also make a statement. The Eco-jewelry mean you care about the environment, one small step or paper at the time. Paper is also a great choice because it is one of the most versatile materials for jewelry making, and you can let your creativity flow when making these colorful accessories. Devi Chand creates handmade Eco friendly recycled jewelry made of Paper, Cardboard, Hemp and Yarn, anything from recycled paper jewelry to newspaper jewelry. Most of her designs use vivid and bright colors, with a touch of elegance that will not pass unnoticed. The handmade jewelry designs are made of recycled paper and are protected using a moisture-resistant sealant which allows the jewelry to be splash and moisture proof. Some of the designs have a clean and bright design, while others use vintage style but both are equal elegant and stylish. The unique design of the jewels comes from the unusual form of the paper beads, that are handcrafted from paper. Love these recycled paper accessories, the beautiful colors and designs. Find out more about Devi Chand’s paper jewelry by visiting his etsy shop here.


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