Porcelain pillows by Petra Sajkas

Petra Sajkas creates unique porcelain objects, playfully experimenting with both functional and decorative designs. The unusual and creative porcelain pillows got my attention by combining the apparent softness of the pillow design shape with the porcelain texture. The contrast between apparent and real texture is amazing and impressive, and the way she can make you think porcelain is plastic shows great artistic skills. She uses porcelain, a great choice and a material that fits her designs perfectly: it is simple, white and is has a beautiful perfection. The shapes she models of her designs evoke the lightness and tight lines of blown up objects and her designs are inspired by the flexibility of plastic. The objects look so perfect, soft and cute that you feel you need to touch them in order to realize they are made out of porcelain. The objects she designs range from small decorative porcelain designs like lights, vases, bowls and cases to larger installations, wall hangings and sculptures. I especially love the porcelain vases in shape of pillows, they are so creative and interesting, combining the porcelains bright white with the flowers and plants colors. All of her art works, from the tiniest tea candle to her larger installations and sculptures, show inspiring originality, amazing sensitivity, playfulness and a great sense of humor in the choice of forms. Her scrupulous attention to the smallest, distinctive detail is also one of the main characteristics of her work. Check out her bog here for more images with her amazing ceramic design and decorative objects here.




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