Recycled paper art by Flavia Lovatelli

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On August 12, 2012
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I previously wrote about some artists that love to work in paper to create either pillows or decorative home design objects ( see the installations of Julie Dodd here). Flavia Lovatelli’s paper art is made of recycled books and magazines. The amazing recycled paper art got my attention by combining the eco and recycling ideas into beautiful design objects. Flavia Lovatelli is a young designer from Lima, Peru. Now, she currently lives and works in New York. Her amazing recycled paper art objects includes painting-like art works, plates, lamps, purses and even dresses made of recycled paper magazines. I love her work and the way she can share the same artistic style in all her works, no mater how diffrent they may seem. Her technique is unique and specific, and the result looks amazing every time. Here she explains her process and the technique she uses to create recycled paper art objects: „The process of coiling is a long one, first I cut paper into strips, twirl each strip into a straw like shape, flatten them and then coil each of them into different size coil.



This is an extremely time consuming process, but the end result is priceless and inspiring. The pulp I make myself from recycled gift tissue paper, recycled craft paper and recycled linen paper from the old office I worked for many years ago.” Her designs are so beautiful, creative and colorful, and remind us that we should all recycle more and encourage making something beautiful out of recycled materials. To see more amazing paper art designs and artistic objects just check out Flavia Lovatellis Etsy store here.

  1. Posted on July 1, 2015 by Chris Martin

    Hi their I am interested in hosting workshops for artists who work in all recyclable materials.

    Please contact me so wecan start a communication and see how we can help each other.

    South Africa

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