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On August 19, 2012
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Recycling is a trend nowadays. That’s why I noticed Cleopatra’s creations and wanted to know what is hidden beyond them. Lots of thoughts and introspection regarding our meaning on this earth, what we should do about preserving what we have received. So here is Cleopatra’s universe, creations and thoughts about recycling materials into beautiful jewelry designs.


So many things are wrong around us…And so many good things can be done by everyone… You only have to think about it seriously, and there it is… you have taken the first step! What can be done about our planet’s health, for example? Can we help (as much as we can) to improve it? I think we all know the answer…I would like to share my own experience with you… And there is only one word to say: RECYCLE! I started thinking about giving used objects or materials a new life recently. But…it became a real passion. It’s also about my concern for nature, environment. Re-cycling these objects allows them to live a new life… a better one, I think.


Turning plastic boxes or bottles, or others, in jewels (for instance), is not only healthy for our planet (USE, don’t THROW), but also FUN!  I enjoyed to play with plastic waves, in a plastic OCEAN, and to walk among roses and plastic gardens, and I also liked to learn some German words from a piece of paper.


So, let me introduce here all of them:

Ocean Memories

(  I combined recyclable materials (PET, thick plastic from toy boxes) with wire and real sand brought from overseas… And here is the OCEAN, the way I remember it… And it’s ready to take its place…)


Recycled Summer

(It is made of wire, ancient and forgotten (till now) cotton and PET. So, there it is… The Summer…


Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

( For objective reasons, a German language book (one of my favorites) was a little heavier handled… So, it’s necessary to give the lonely page obtained this way a new life…
I used plastic, glue, polish, satin cord and wood beads and…that piece of paper. So, let’s learn some German language!)

Hope you all enjoyed this short trip through my thoughts about a better world…

And, maybe, yours is about to grow now…

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