Swarovski Crystal Statement Earrings Collection by Klaudia Szuścik

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On August 21, 2012
Last modified:August 21, 2012


You already know Klaudia Szuścik because we wrote something about her beautiful jewelries in Soutache technique here. Swarovski Crystal Statement Earrings Collection celebrates the passion for life and life is a celebration of passionate colors. The technique she uses is: Silk glitzy Soutache cord embroidered with genuine Swarovski crystals. Genuine Swarovski crystals reflect and refract light in a dazzling display of brilliant color and sparkle. The artist confesses “My target customer is a woman who finds joy and amusement in the details of life. She wants every minute to be unique, memorable, and completely personal.”As about what inspired the artist to create these memorable jewelries, here it is: “All artists like to meet challenges or have muses that inspire their artistic talents. It is always an honor to undertake commissions with an exchange of ideas to create artistic pieces which will give great pleasure both the buyer and the artist.” Interested to see all her beauties made in Soutache and crystals? Find a link to her Etsy shop here.


Meet her on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/KlaudiaSzuscik

TAFA page: http://www.tafalist.net/members/dilettante-hand-embroidered-jewelry

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