Tribal Handpainted Nail Art by Lyndarthemerciless

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On August 28, 2012
Last modified:August 28, 2012


I am still amazed by the multitude of tribal nail art you can find on Etsy. Today I searched some items and here is the result. A beautiful collection of creative ideas on how to decorate your nails. Nude & Neon Aztec, Tribal Handpainted Nail Art with orange and pink neon tips, inspired by the current Aztec and tribal trend. I would wear these anytime:) because they are so crazy and playful. See here some full-cover artificial nails, individually hand painted and sealed with durable topcoat for a long-lasting, mirror-shine finish. The elements used are decorative: zig-zags, curved lines, graphic lines and plenty of colors put together by lyndarthemerciless. Express your personality and show off no matter what! If interested for custom size or patterns, all you will have to do is to contact the author and see all her creations on Tumblr. I intend to make an interview with the artist so stay tuned for her tips and tricks regarding the art of Aztec and tribal nail painting.


  1. Posted on December 11, 2012 by Nail art

    […] la o seara la disco sau la o aniversare, exista foarte multe posibilitati: combinatii de alb, negru si lac incolor,  modele asimetrice ( modele diferite pentru fiecare unghie), aplicatii sub forma de autocolante […]

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