Tulipe Nero and the urban contemporary fashion

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On August 24, 2012
Last modified:August 24, 2012


Last year, four Romanian business women ( Andreea Popescu, Mihaela Paduraru, Nicoleta Padure and Vera Gavrila) founded Tulipe Nero, and they successfully put in practice a lot of creative ideas. One of these was named Tulipe Nero, a brand that innovates the way young women dress themselves. Tulipe Nero is about one of a kind, unique dresses ( you can find each model in 4 sizes ), the alternative to the usual dresses a woman can find in stores. All dresses are limited editions, so the chance to meet another woman wearing the same dress, is minimal. The dresses are inspired by everyday life, nature, architecture, art. The colors are vivid and playful and the printings – surprising. Tulipe Nero collections were designed to fit any modern woman’s needs: you can wear these outfits at the office because they will surely be the starting point of a relaxing conversation regarding art or fashion photography. Finally you can express your personality, emotions and who you are because these outfits are specially created to be combined and adjusted as you want. Feel free to wear super-sized prints with natural elements, paintings from history of art or modern photos took by Viorela Gavrilă, Raluca Neagu, Iulian Ratescu, Valentin Rubtov, Andrei Tarnea. Take a look at Tulipe Nero site here to discover more about urban contemporary fashion.




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