Wagner House and the Romanian painted ceramic design

Between  24th and 28th august, you are invited to take part of an art exhibition at Bordighera, a town and comune in the Province of Imperia, Liguria (Italy), at about 30 minutes from Monte Carlo and San Remo. You will discover the beautiful porcelains mabde by Wagner Arte Frumoase si Povesti. The public will enjoy amazing porcelains manually painted, tea cups, coffee cups and decorative objects like lamps, paintings and jewelries with platinum, gold and precious stones. Each piece is one of a kind, carefully painted and unique. The white porcelains are refined, the ceramics are small pieces of art with a story to discover. Wagner House comes from Romania, where it is already famous. The porcelain is produced in Romania, Germany or France, then it is painted and burned in Romania. You will be thrilled to discover these ceramics all over Europe: In Paris, Barcelona or Budapest. Here is what Ana Wagner, the creator and owner of  Wagner House: ” You can order personalized pieces of furniture, hand painted by the artists of our studio. The furniture is brought plain from Italy and it undergoes several stages of treatment in Wagner Studio. Then it is painted in our most loved themes. The themes as well as the used elements have joyful inlays: pearls, ribbons and garlands all reminders of Late Baroque.” Her universe is playful and colorful. You will discover flying houses, cats with lace collars, fantastic plants and princesses.


Wagner Arte Frumoase şi Povesti

Irina Wagner

Tel: 0722 521 174

E-mail: irina@wagnerarte.ro



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