Water Light Graffiti

Water Light Graffiti is an interactive LED installation by Antonin Fourneau and Digitalarti Artlab, created in Poitiers, France. The “Water Light Graffiti” is a surface made of thousands of LED illuminated by the contact of water. Anyone can use a paintbrush, a water atomizer or anything damp to sketch a message or draw. Anyone can walk up to it and start painting and expressing themselves. The Water Light Graffiti LED wall needs only water to paint a picture. The “Water Light Graffiti” is an interactive device that uses a giant matrix of LEDs embedded in a moisture-sensitive panel. When exposed to water, it causes the lights inside to illuminate. Anything becomes a temporary paintbrush: a wet hand, a squirt gun, a paintbrush or even an atomizer. Interactive art is amazing because you never know what to expect from it. The viewer becomes the artist. Water Light Graffiti is an amazing artistic idea because it gives everybody the chance to be an artist for a few minutes. It is great to know that maybe in the near future there will be more projects like this and more and more people can experience art on a daily basis. I love the idea that anybody can create art and be a part of the city’s aspect and leave their trace in the city. If you liked the images and the art works theme, you can check out more photos and information about the Water Light Graffiti here.



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