Contemporary knitted jewelry by Cleopatra Cosulet

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On September 24, 2012
Last modified:September 24, 2012


You already know Cleopatra Cosulet from a previous post that you can read on Inspiration of the Nation here. She continued working and exploring creative jewelry designs and here they are: her latest creations. I saw all these beauties first on her Facebook page and then I wanted to share everything with you because I never thought buttons can inspire so much, and thread can create so many interesting accessories. Hope to enjoy these designs as much as we did, because they are amazing. And if you like them, you can order them on her Breslo site here. But until then, read below what Cleo said about her works:


After every rough day or week, I just need to release my inside child and play. Not being extremely rigorous and precise relaxes me and gives me extra energy for the coming rough days or weeks. And how can I do it better than by my jewels? So, I started to play…with cotton, flax thread and wood. And ta-daaa… here it is, the higgledy-piggledy belt! Cotton lace, framed with aluminum wire and flax thread…And between the lace pieces – little exotic wooden beads, sewn around…Width is approximately 8 cm, where our belt doesn’t deviate from the right path… As you can see, I just looove to play! And the not very serious belt was not enough to express my entire mood for play.That’s the reason I continued with some brown wooden buttons and red leather cord . . . They have finally become a bracelet… It looks like a BUTTONfield, a 10 cm width/ 18 cm length one. And…the last, but not the least … my playful cotton balls…or…let’s say, something to play with…for the cat inside of me! The crochet needle did all the job, except the cotton balls, which I made in the most classic way. The result is something you can use as a necklace, but also as a collar. With the matching ring, of course…Now, I’m just ready for everything!


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