“Ion Creanga” memorial museum

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On September 3, 2012
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Last week I visited the East-Western part of Romania, Moldavia and Bucovina and I wanted to share with you in the following posts some of the beauties of this country that worth visited. “Ion Creanga” memorial museum in Humulesti was build at the beginning of the XIXth century, totally made in wood and clay a special Romanian recipe of building homes at the country side. Inside, all the object are disposed in conformity with the old Romanian tradition and many of these objects are authentic. In this house was born the greatest Romanian story teller, Ion Creanga. His works are stories, novels and the masterpiece Memories of my childhood – an exceptional “bildungsroman”, as the critics said. In his works, he used the old Romanian language, and original style and a great humor. Ion Creanga was compared to other great writers pf the universal literature such as: Dickends, Perrault, Boccaccio and Rabelais. He was a teacher and a priest and he reformed the Romanian teaching by writing the first modern abecedary – the method of the mechanic memorization was replaced with the method of the intuition.



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