Loredana Novotni’s SacRED collection

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On September 6, 2012
Last modified:October 9, 2012


What can you do with leather, cotton and silk? Guess we will have to find, but until then, take a look at Loredana Novotni’s SacRED collection here. Loredanais a young fashion designer from Romania. When asked about her SacRED collection, the artist confesses “The fact that most ancient magic and religious symbols are found in present ornamentation of most peoples, determined me to create reminiscent forms of abstract plastic of Neolithic civilizations. From knowledge of the ancient art as the encounter with contemporary art which turns out to folk, primitive, archaic and for spiritual, has resulted products marked by spirituality, unity and modern and archaic dualism. My works evoke relationship sky-earth, matter-spirit, body and soul.



Red color has a fundamental role in my work because is the color of fire and blood, love and life, hope and sacrifice. Passionate red, sun and blood always symbolized primary principles. Blood has a deeper significance as an element of communication between generations, individuals, species, is a kind of chemical element with infinite meanings, which defeats the time.” Her shapes tend to be vertical, the human body is a connection between the human world, the “down to earth” and the high spirituality. Red color is feminine, mysterious and deep in significances.  The entire collection is manually made by the artist. Look at the details to discover beautiful layering and textures.  If interested in more, take a look at her site here.


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