The Neamt Fortress, Romania

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On September 3, 2012
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Never been to Romania? Now is the moment. In Neamţ County, Moldavia, you can see a lot of beautiful monuments of architecture. The Neamt Fortress, Neamţ Citadel (Romanian: Cetatea Neamţ) is a medieval fortress located near Târgu Neamţ, Neamţ County, Moldavia, Romania. It was built during the reign of Petru I Musat ( 1375 – 1391 ), withing the circumstances of Moldavia’s medieval state consolidation. Its first recording dates back to 1395, when the Hungary king, Sigismund of Luxemburg issued a document pf the chancellery, Ante Castrum Nempch. The most beautiful days of this fortress happen to be during the reign of Stefan cel Mare ( 1457-1504) – the outstanding organizer and military commander who reinforced the fortress he inherited and also built new ones, in order to create a powerful defensive system for Moldavia. The works carried out here during his reign consisted in upraising the old walls, building the four bastions and the arch shaped access bridge sustained upon eleven stone pillars. Turned into monastery by Vasile Lupu in 1646 and then partially destroyed by Dumitrascu Cantacuzino in 1675, the Neamt Fortress will bear the force to write one more heroic page in 1691, resisting to the siege of the Polish army lead by the king Sobietski, defended by a small group pf soldiers. After its destruction ordered by Mihai Racovita in 1717, the Neamt Fortress will loose its military importance. Take a look here to see some 360 degrees panoramic views of The Neamt Fortress. The fortress was recently restored and we took some pictures for you to see it as it is now. Enjoy!

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