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On October 31, 2012
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Anna is an artist I discovered on Etsy and, as she confesses she loves sewing and she creates all kind of things the fabrics suggest: cushion covers, bags, blankets, child and wedding accessories, home wares and more. All the pieces are handmade and they express the love and care of the artist. In a few words, about Anna: she lives in a small corner of Italy. She’s a mother and a wife. She likes sports, playing guitar, reading, writing and many more. She is happy to work in her spare time and her dream is to make this full time. Read more about her in this small interview. I suppose her shop lalunadianna means “Anna’s moon”  but I will ask her more precisely about it.


1. Tell us a bit about yourself. Name, age, education and artistic background.

Hello! I’m Anna. I’m 41 years old and I’ve made accounting study, but I have a really great passion for handmade fabric creation thanks to my mother that was a dressmaker and taught me to sew.



2. How did you discover your passion and how was the road so far?

I’ve started to make my own dresses when I was 20 years old because I wanted to create something exclusive for me, but when I’ve started to work, and after I became a mother, i’ haven’t enough spare time to sew more. In the latest years I rediscovered the pleasure of creating, viewing pieces of fabric taking shape and becoming something else in my hands.

3. How does your studio look like? What do you need to get that creativity flowing?

My studio is a mansard room with a big table full of fabric, fashion magazines, sewing accessories and my old sewing machine. Here in my studio I love watching and caressing the tissues. I leave my creativity flow from my heart and my mind till my hands start to create something I like. And there is always music to accompany my work!

4. What do you plan or dream for your future?

I’m dreaming to be a full day crafter, there is a lot of work to do, I know, but I think people will always love handmade products more than others.

5. What is your most treasured handmade possession?

See it here:


If you want to contact her, write her an email here.

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