Finding the perfect Christmas decoration

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On October 31, 2012
Last modified:October 31, 2012


The previous two posts ( here and here ) were about how to find a prefect Christmas globe or a perfect gift for X-mas. This time, some unconventional Christmas globes made from dried leaves, recycled paper or vintage buttons,



recycled wood and so on. Kaleda shop from Etsy guarantee us this Christmas decorations set of 3 will look beautiful on your tree or just as a gift for a friend. Lovely vintage aspect that will make the most of any Christmas tree. Take a look at her shop to see more.


If interested in a Christmas Berry Wreath, you are invited in elegantholidays’ world. Unlike other berry wreaths these faux berries weather well against rain and cold conditions! For more front door wreaths see Shannon’s shop here.


For those of you who like ceramic and especially porcelain, Bonboncreations are coming with a great solution: patterned ceramic decorations with deers, kangaroos and turtledoves. Hope you will like these as much as I do. And finally, if you like the warm knittings, here is a Christmas purple and white crocheted ornament  by Grandma’s Warm Yarn – that can be done in any colors you want. These decorations are made in cream yarn and painted afterwards. Enjoy winter!


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