Finding the perfect present II

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On October 31, 2012
Last modified:October 31, 2012


So, I am back:) More creative ideas and tips for finding the perfect Christmas present for this year. If you did not read the previous post, here it is.


I am not sure you know about Japanese temari globes. They are a symbol of deep friendship and loyalty, cherished as gifts for auspicious occasions and new beginnings, or “just because.”  Even if you are not buying them for your Christmas tree, due to their shape and exquisite decoration they could be a great present for the loved ones. A perfect gift to be admired and put in a special place –  this object is a piece of art. Precise, very well constructed with patience and passion by an artist that advice us to have one temari globe because this is a  source of inspiration or an object for meditation and contemplation.



Temari are handmade thread-wrapped and embroidered spheres that were first created as toys for children; they originated in China and were later brought to Japan — possibly by Buddhist monks. Over time temari have evolved into a highly-prized, exquisite form of folk art.


If interested to have one of these beauties, the artist announced that she will upload some more creations between 16th and 18th November. Stay Tuned:)


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