Furniture design, lamp design, rugs and mirrors by Koket

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On October 9, 2012
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I just received an email with some pieces of furniture of extraordinary grace and beauty made by KOKET. The name of Koket comes from “Janette la coquette”,because the Creative Director and the creator of these beauties is JANET MORAIS. Koket producing amazing furniture designs, lamp designs, rugs, mirrors and many more. You can see all what they have to sell here. KOKET is dedicated to bringing seduction and desire to the world of interior design. Inspired by nature, fashion, and the enticement of love, this collection of lavish furniture takes passion to new levels. This line is designed and manufactured in Portugal by a highly skilled group of artisans, jewelers, and designers. KOKET brings empowering style and a sense of entitlement, exclusivity and prestige. Mystic and good sense, originality and exclusivity, these are the main directions that guide the Portugal creations. Hope you will enjoy them as much as we did:)

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