Grandma’s Warm Yarn and her knitted socks

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On October 30, 2012
Last modified:October 31, 2012


For all of you who like knitted socks, knitting and crocheted things, here is one shop I love: my grandma’s shop on Etsy: Grandma’s Warm Yarn. I am very proud of her creations and I hope you are too:) Here is her shop and here is the story behind. Enjoy and add her site to your favorites. You might be interested in the warm wool socks or leg warmers and who knows? Maybe Santa will make you a nice gift this winter. Extra tip: ask for a nice pair of knitted green socks with X-mas trees or the red socks with snowman. I have a pair too and I even sleep with them:) Waiting for you in the shop. Thank you!



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