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On October 15, 2012
Last modified:January 3, 2013


Originally founded in an old tortilla factory building, La Tortillería is a creative company with a passion for images and words with the exceptional ability of turning them into an exquisite reflection of an idea. Each project has a personality of his own and the creatives are doing all their best to explore fields like design, brand, advertising to create the perfect mix for any brand and all this because they are problems solvers. We contacted them because we were interested in all the process. Enjoy! Thank you!


Tell us a bit about La Tortilleria. How many employees there are?

We are 10 in total. We started in an old tortilla factory, and that´s where the name came from.

Who put the base to this studio?
Sonia Saldaña, Carolina Diaz and I.
You have a lot of projects in different domains: design, brand, advertising. Which one you find more interesting and entertaining?
We love branding and editorial design. Well, me in particular, I love editorial design. But we also feel that creating a new brand, construct it, and taking care of it is an amazing job. Beginning with the brainstorm of creating a new name, to deciding which counter or chandelier should be the center of the boutique or whatever the project is.



How would you describe your creative process?
First of all, listen carefully to the client. A creative brief is needed to narrow all possibilities down…
Work in team. We collaborate with each other and LISTEN to everyone’s opinion. That is the first step.
Then we begin drawing or choosing a font, color.. and this guides you to the next steps.
The favorite piece of work that gave satisfaction?
For me, the photo-shoots, definitely… and then taking the photos to another level, whatever the purpose is: a magazine cover, an advertising piece, etc.

How was the work with Henrik Adamsen? Any interesting stories to tell from the shootings?
Of course. Lots of interesting and funny stories. We worked with Henrik on taking Le Fourquet to what it was one or two years ago. The magazine was taking a different direction because of commercial strategies. We believed Le Fourquet had to be that elegant, fashion, lifestyle magazine, just as it was before… so we worked with Henrik to product a spectacular golden issue. It was the Issue No. 21, and coincidentally it is one of my favorite numbers. The result was awesome. It´s the 12th Le Fourquet magazine features in Behance…
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