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On October 16, 2012
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Some creative guys are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for a t-shirt brand Captain Feline. They wrote us and because we like their works, we thought of sharing this with you. What is all about? Read more their email below:


Captain Feline is a fun range of t-shirt illustrations blending pop culture and cats. Myself (Dave – hello) and fellow Aussie graphic designer Amanda, along with our partner Kelly in Boston, Massachusetts, are currently seeking funding for Captain Feline on Kickstarter. We’re offering a bunch of cool t-shirt designs along with a swag of other awesome perks for all those who pledge to bring the Captain to life. Our first series are inspired by classic and cult movie characters. We anthropomorphise these movie humans with feline noggins and presto! – the designs are born. In the future, we hope to add more pop culture-flavoured designs to the brew. Amanda, Kelly and I all share an almost maniacal love of cats.



Any cat owner will tell you of the human traits cats often display, from sitting upright on a chair to eating a plate of pasta. It seemed logical to us to blend humans and cats like we were the lab techs in a gene splicing facility (or something like that). And those kooky old paintings of cats dressed in suits and whatnot just never quite cut it. So we began illustrating and working on a number of different movie and pop culture characters.Over time we settled on those we felt worked best, and we are now ready to share our warped vision with the world. If you like the designs (and surely you do…come on), you can pledge on Kickstarter to launch Captain Feline. You’ll not only get some great tees and cool perks, you also receive our gratitude…forever.


What’s better than that? Check out the Captain Feline Kicstarter project here.

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  2. Posted on October 18, 2012 by Serena Roberts

    The idea is interesting and the text too, is captivating. A suggestion: why not take the great classics of cinema where are heroes and heroines and use the cats to it?

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