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On November 27, 2012
Last modified:January 4, 2013


BlindSALIDA is an illustration studio available for art direction and illustration jobs. The owner – an artist that works for clients like Orange, Fiat, EMI, Mercedes, Honda, Sony Playstation, Quick, Coca-Cola, Azzaro, Decathlon is a french illustrator that confesses he likes to create explosions, lines or movements within, colorful, surrealist and psychedelic designs. See some works made by Yann Sadi at BlindSALIDA studio: typography, vector illustrations and cute and funny illustrations that are so colorful!


1. What is there of local and universal in your artistic work?

I hope the least possible local. With Internet, inspiration come from around the globe and jobs too!

2. What do you expect when exposing your work to the public?

I just hope they found pleasure to watch it.

3. The last work, book, film, that has moved me was…

Melancholia as for Wagner than Lars Von Trier.

4. Any designer, jeweler, artist, you appreciate a lot?

There are so many! Lately, I discover the very unusual use of 3D by Santtu Mustonen.

5. Your favorite piece of work that gave you satisfaction?

The next one!

6. A favorite country whose creativity surprises you is…

Maybe Finland. It’s a small country but there is so many good designers.

7. How do you select the theme for you works ?

I like surprise, absurd associations and psychedelism.
So I try to assemble strange objects together (for example, a baby bottle who broke an earth globe)



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