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On November 27, 2012
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I met Heather Pritchett on Etsy and I discovered an artist that wanted to share her art made with pen and ink. She graduated from the Laguna College of Art and Design in 2011 and since then she does great works in her favorite technique a you can see on her Etsy shop here. I contacted her for an interview on our site to found out more about her and her lovely creations. Enjoy!:)



Your favorite piece of work that gave you satisfaction?  
The monster mask piece.  I’d wanted to do some kind of work featuring a mask for a long time, and I respect a pen and ink artist who can feature a good, solid aggressive black space and I wanted to do it myself.  It’s everything that I like to see in my work; solid, dynamic, detailed, expressive, and it was an accurate representation of the image that I had in my head, which is probably the most difficult thing for any artist to pull off.


Tell us about yourself. 
I can’t really remember when I started drawing, or when I even realized that I could do it “seriously” or professionally. I know that most of the notes I turned in in school, especially in high school, were covered in doodles.  Eyes in particular were my favorite, most of my notes were covered in eyes, and being stared at while they graded must have been a strange experience for some of my teachers.  When I finished high school I went on to art school, the Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna beach.


How would you describe your creative process?    
I usually feel more like there’s an idea bouncing around in the back of my idea and I have to pin it down. It can be a little bit of a fight, so inspiration for me is more about careful and thoughtful development of an idea.


What are your favorite materials? 
Pen and ink, especially bristol and dip pens. I’ve tried just about everything, but pen and ink has become my absolute favorite.


Any tips for selling handmade stuff?
Advertise. You have to find some way to connect with the people who would want to buy your work, with your target audience, just so that they can see that your work is out there and consider picking it up. It’s something that I’m still figuring out myself.
  1. Posted on May 10, 2014 by Heather Davis

    This is the artist formerly known as Heather Pritchett – I’ve changed my name and my store name, but the artwork featured above is still available at – It’s still the same store, just bigger and better and with a new name. Thank you for the interview inspiration!

    • Posted on July 19, 2014 by admin


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