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On November 14, 2012
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Sarah Louise Jay is the creator of the following jewelries made from laser cut walnut and then hand painted in deep colors like:  beiges, browns and natural colors. The artist confesses she was always in love with anything crafted and she had a lot of fun to experiment  a lot in the field of jewelry design. Elegant necklaces and different accessories, find all of them here on Sarah Louise Jay’s contemporary jewelry site.

If you want to know more about her and her beautiful collections, read below:


It`s  hard to pin point what has been most influential in my work, so many things have contributed;  inspiring tutors, places, materials, exhibitions like, ‘sensations’, artists, countryside; all of it blurs together. I can`t remember a time when I didn`t make, I always loved to use my hands and make. I remember being as young as seven and not being able to let go when drawing and painting, I could never finish anything, it felt too distant, but making was much more instinctive and playful. Making has always been about the materials and exploring them. When I had the confidence to turn away from painting at university and embrace ‘making,’ I started to construct miniature paper environments. I think I was being more true to myself and that was probably a turning point and being in the boundary of the ‘painting department’ helped, it gave me something to rebel against!



Encouraged to keep sketch books I allowed myself to play and experiment with materials. It somehow felt safe in a sketch book! After my MA at the RCA, I started to make jewellery, to fulfill my need to make, in MA my work had moved on to room size installations and because I couldn`t afford a studio I had to scale back and focused on jewellery; something I’d made as a child, but never given it much thought until that point. I still use the same process now when making my jewellery. I always have a sketch book to hand and it`s still about playing, experimenting and using materials in different ways. My new Winter Gardens collection is inspired by the beautiful Winter Gardens building in Blackpool. The collection is made from laser cut walnut; the beautiful shapes are hand painted with an art deco seaside palette. I quill ribbon to create different shapes, which the delicate walnut pieces are sometimes layered onto. Each necklace is made in Britain and treated like a wearable piece of art. Beautiful one of a kind hand made guinea foul feathered brooches and head pieces are part of the new collection too Inspiration from Blackpool has always been hiding in my work somewhere, but it feels really nice to acknowledge this in my new collection. You can buy my new collection at and follow all my inspirations there too.


Thank you, Sarah for sharing all this with us!

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