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On December 14, 2012
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You already know The Burning Man festival in Nevada from my previous posts. I love festivals of all kinds and even more those who implied arts and creative manifestation. But here is something that goes beyond. A festival with a message, with a lot of social impact too. Sergey Korsakov (aka the Tyran of Cardboardia) is the creator and curator of Cardboardia, a social network that organizes CardboardTowns – some city festivals with social effect. A lot of questions and a lot of answers below. Many thanks to Sergey who helped us understand more about all these happenings :)


What are cardboard towns? Where and when is this happening?

Cardboardia is an international project combining a range of artistic disciplines focused around the formation of a creative participatory community. The participants organize and take part in various cultural, social and commercial projects together. The major project is Cardboard Town – the creation of a temporary community, with a unique theme specific to the place of each installation. «Create, Earn, Play», is the main slogan of each Cardboardia Country materialization. The Cardboard Town will be created by the Personages of the Cardboardia core team and by local people, who we will meet with in advance (for planned projects) and with those who come to visit the installation each day. Four months in advance, we will launch a special website where we will make an open  international competition for architects, designers and creative entrepreneurs. The best ideas will be developed and realized in Cardboard Town.


Materialization of Cardboardia includes:
– An inspiring cardboard art exhibition of new art projects from international experienced artists
– A 2-4 week interactive event for families and children (with master classes, workshops, lectures, sport events and performances)
– The realization of specific local projects in the fields of creative economy, art and design. We will provide tools for idea generation and support, start-up testing and project development.
– International networking and cooperation possibilities for artists and thinkers
– A workshop for the creation of art pieces
– 2-4 weeks of performing art experiments «Become a Personage of Cardboardia –walk through Bureaucratic Quest» with full participation of auditory
– Services and goods market with Cardboardia currency and rules
– A parade with Giant Cardboard Creations
– A children friendly town



Below is a list of the recent international installations of Cardboardia I have curated and organized with the participants (“Personages”) of Cardboardia.

The day of  the Tyran’s Giant Creatures (Moscow, Gorky Park, 14-18 August 2012)as part of the «BrightPeople» festival.

Kartonkamsk – The 11th experimental installation (In Perm, Esplanada park, 1-24 June 2012). 300 000 visitors as part of the «White Nights in Perm» festival.

Kartónové Mesto – The 10th installation (Slovakia, Kosice, 20-27 May 2012). 10 000 visitors as part of project «Kosice 2013 – European Capital of Culture», «Use the City» festival

Kartonsk – 9th installation (Ulyanovsk, Pushkarevskoe Kol’co Mall, 1-7 November 2011). 10 000 visitors as part of project «Ulyanovsk – CIS culture capital 2011»

Cardboardkovo – educational center of cardboard innovation. (Moscow, Center Park of Culture, 3-4 September 2011). 10 000 visitors as part of «Day of Moscow» city festival

Cardboard-on-Kama – 8th installation (Perm, center plaza, 1-13 June 2011).

70 000 visitors as part of «White Nights in Perm» festival.

Cardboard Town – 7th re- installation (Moscow, design-factory «Flacon», 3-16 January 2011). 15 000 visitors

Saint-Cardboardburg – 6th installation (St.Petersburg, Bye-Vye ballet, 1-7 November 2010) 5 000 visitors.

The 1st Architectural Contest of Cardboardia – (Moscow, loft-district Danilovlskaya Manufacture, 2-3 April 2010). Around 80 projects and 500 young architects took a part.

Prime Viktoria Celebration – Christmas party (Moscow, State Darwin Museum, 19 and 20 December 2009). 3000 visitors.

– Photo and Art Objects Exhibition of Cardboardia (Berlin, Neurotitan Gallery, 16-24 October 2009). 500 visitors.

– Pahvistan – 5.1 materialization (Helsinki, Kasarmitori, 18-23 August 2009), 10 000 visitors as part of Helsinki Festival.

– Cardboard Town Free! – 5th installation (Moscow, Red October Factory, 8-14 June 2009).

– PappeStadt – party-presentation (Berlin, Brotfabrik, 21 march 2009);

– Cardboardia’s Parade – 4th installation (Moscow, Gogolevskij Boulevard, 6-7 September 2008) as part of Day of Moscow;

– Cardboard Town– 2nd installation (Moscow, PROEKT_FABRIKA, January 2008);

– PaperTown – 1st installation (Moscow, Kolomenskoje, 27 July 2007) as part of Afisha’s Picnic Festival


Where can we see some photos?

and videos


Who can participate? What is the purpose?

Anyone. It possible in advance if you found call for participation in web or locally why using cardboard to manifest yourself? I love cardboard but anyway it only a tool. very good tool, but still. Like a Tyran of my country I mainly focus on people and on social themes. But I can say that for many of Personages of Cardboardia cardboard is very important. Because it so interesting to create from it and it much easy production then iron or wood… That why we open atelier in Moscow and now making a lot of decorations and furniture from cardboard.


Since when and how all this started, your passion of working in paper/cardboard?

I love to see how environment around me changing! And with cardboard it so fast and I love when all people around me is working and it so easy to ask to work with cardboard.
But it start from my wedding. I searching for a place where I am like tradition of marriage ceremonies… I didn’t found one I like. So we build our personal town to create new wedding tradition. Nowadays Public Wedding Ceremony become main event on every Cardboard Town Square – everyone marriage to everyone and it no limit and it no social pressure after – just have a fun and get some more husbands and wives!


Favorite work or any special story related on a brief?

I love this story. I will make it very short… Last august we found new official celebration of Cardboardia – Tyran’s Giant Creatures! And it was very interesting. We start make it 4 days befor celebration. In a park we got big tent and we build evryday with local community more then 100 people join this workshop and was very enthusiastic come everyday. We made 3 Giant creatures may be 100 smaller different sea creatures and 100 sea waves. To make really sea from cardboard. And we was ready to parade… but suddenly first time a week it was clouds… then in 5 minutes it was really heavy rain and it was no problem if rain is 5m is no problem if it 10 if it 20 is can be a lot of damage…but still possible to reconstruct but it was like a 1 hour water wall from sky! And all our cardboard sea creatures drowned in water. It was like speak with god! If you want sea – don’t use cardboard use water! But I was so happy that Personages of Cardboardia was not run away (not all of them :) And we collected all the remaining forces and make not 1 but 3 parades anyway.


You can check video from this parade

and here wet photos


What are your clients?

Cardboardia is a country – so people same time like a  clients and a customers.But for business in Cardboardia… different people. For example our atelie  “Made in Cardboardia”  clients are from one side Families (Mothers that order some decorations for birthdays and so on (and event agencies (they order big installations from cardboard for big events). Some big companies (banks, mobiles etc) order team buildings and we make interactive performances and we are build with participants some objects from cardboard.


What is your current/ next project?

Next event is Cardboard Tube Fight we will organize in one of the Moscow Park (Sad Ermitazh) on 22 and 23 december. 2 days from 12-00 till 20-00 people can come to place make some cardboard tubes and costumes and make a battle. Personages of Cardboardia will open workshop and help in fights organization too Root of this battles you will found in USA in Cardboard Tube Fighting League (CTFL). we cooperate with. And now we are searching for a host for next Cardboardia materialization, place for next Cardboard Town. Just sent us email



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