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On December 18, 2012
Last modified:December 18, 2012


Cleopatra Cosulet feels already at home on Inspiration of the nation:)  You saw her recycled jewelry here, her VegeTALES here, and her knitted jewelries here. This time, she prepared some beautiful Christmas decorations and nice stories to her near the chimney while waiting for Santa:) I could write thousands of words regarding her passionate creations, her creative ideas: Christmas globes, Christmas decorations and chunky snowflakes but all of this could be better expressed in pictures and by reading what the author herself wrote below. Enjoy!


It’s finally here…I can almost touch the Christmas spirit… I can feel it everywhere: inside of me, in your eyes, outside, in every snowflake… An yes, Santa’s coming soon, so let’s get ready! Let’s give our imagination the freedom it needs, and give our thoughts beautiful shapes…In my case, it was like a slalom among different techniques and materials. Due to my predilection for cotton, my very first try was a crocheted Christmas globe, green as a tree ,filled with wadding and playful embroidered … And because this classical story had to have a follow, somehow, and it had to be adapted to the present moments, my next try was the Spiky Christmas Globe. It’s a black and golden mélange between current trends and my own preferences. Now, I have a confession to make… I like cotton, as you already know. But I also like natural wooden beads.  Because of them, we can now speak about the tiny Christmas candle…To make it real, take two natural beads, fit them well, then let the crochet needle and cotton to complete the rest of the ensemble … Sooo, there it is… the candle, decorative and without any arsonist intent … :) The cotton chapter ends here… But the recycled one just begun!


Why not thinking about recycling? It’s the most perfect moment! Let our world have it’s own Christmas.  This personal thought is now here, for real… And some plastic bottles  have received a second chance to be present in our lives, without disturbing our world’s health… They have now a different shape, and color, and are… the recycled Christmas tree… Green, and bright, and adorned with red bubbles (Nestle cereals, painted and varnished)… And covered with snow, as it should be!


The small parts of this bottles have become a … snowflake shaped globe. These small parts curled up in several nests, linked together with wire … It snowed through them, with snow effect pasta and glitter… And within them, the common wadding sits fondly, away from the cold weather outside … It is the warm of our home and the pure spirit of the Christmas holiday. Now we have them all, ready to put them in the Christmas tree!


And the story will not end here…Until next time, I wish you all  a MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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